In honor of leaving this great country for a year and a half, I felt it only appropriate to give homage to my new home and leave my mark in my old one. This is what that looks like.


My Sunday started with giving my farewell talk at church, and ended with defacing a rock. Operation Union Jack started as a hair-brained scheme, but came together through the support of good friends and family and 30 cans of spray paint, which is sort of how the whole mission process has felt to me (minus the spray paint). We also decided to commemorate Mary’s name under the flag because we just know if she were here, she would have been right there with us, spray paint in hand. While on the path to get to suicide rock, we noticed sunflowers growing all along the way, although they hadn’t bloomed yet. If you don’t know the significance of this, sunflowers were Mary’s favorite flower, and we have had several instances, since she died, of sunflowers growing out of nowhere. We feel like it is Mary’s way of telling us she is there, or knows what is happening with us. In this case, it felt like Mary was telling us she wholeheartedly approved of our rebellious act. Isn’t the British flag just lovely?


It has nothing on the American flag of course, but let me just have my moment. We did a terrible job of documenting the whole “British tea” in our yard after church, but I was so overwhelmed with all the people that came in support of me. It meant so much, and sometimes you just need a solid reminder in life of the people that are there for you and love you. Here is one of the few photos that I got thanks to a friend who snapped it.


Thank you  again to all that came to support me, and to those that couldn’t make it, thank you for your endless support in other ways. I love you all!


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