Proactive Peacock

DSC06909Got your email. It’s always so exciting to come in on Monday morning to the internet cafe and just wait for the browser to load and reveal the emails that people have sent. Seriously the closest thing I can compare it to is Christmas, even though that sounds so dramatic. They just implemented a mandatory hour of cleaning before our P-day starts, so Sister Lam and I were super anxious to get here!

So the subject of this email has a story, it’s not just an attention grabber. At our district meeting this week, our District Leader, Elder Amundsen (who is from Norway, I think?) had us do a quick exercise at the beginning to get to know each other better. We had to tell everyone a strength we saw in our companion, and also what animal we thought they would be if they were to be an animal. Kind of silly, but fun to see what everyone said. So Sister Lam said that she thought that I was really proactive and always trying to look for a way to make things better. The animal as you can guess from the subject line, was a peacock because she said I’m always wearing colorful and fun clothing. This made me laugh. If any HarpFusion members are reading this, how proud would Dr. McLaughlin be? Proactive and an animal that contains teal?? Those are like the two requirements of being in HF. I told Sister Lam that I thought she would be some sort of bird, like a sparrow and that I liked that she is so diligent and always going above and beyond.

We get a half hour of exercise every day except Sunday. Not much time, but it’s been okay. It’s better than nothing. Sister Lam is willing to run thank goodness, so we go about 3 times a week. I don’t know how willing she will be once the weather actually gets cold though…in fact I don’t know how willing I will be. Megan Delgado suggested that I don’t try running during the winter and just eat gummy bears to keep my energy up. Ha ha! I second this idea. The members have been feeding us a lot during the past weeks, but we only have one tea appointment this week, so we are kind of on our own, which is fine. We have zone training tomorrow and also an interview with President Pilkington, and then transfers are happening next week. I think I am probably staying put for another transfer here. I don’t anticipate a need for me somewhere else especially since there are only 4 new sisters coming out this transfer. It’s possible I will go on exchange on Saturday, but again, don’t know for sure.

Nothing that exciting to report this week, except that Sister Lam and I made standards of excellence! Which just means that the number of lessons we taught, new investigators, member referrals, and other indicators we had this week met the highest standards. We worked hard. We will continue to teach Oscar some lessons, and he has actually been helping us in teaching other investigators, now that he is a member. He is so great! We really want to work on getting the Chinese group a little more solidified. Because there are so many uni students that have been baptized, a lot of them have left and gone back to China, which makes it hard to sustain the group. Oscar is gong back early September. We have a couple families in the group, so that is good, but we just need to help it grow, so that it is sustainable. We hold church for them at the home of the mission couple in the ward. They actually just transitioned the old couple out and brought in a new one, so that’s disrupted things a little bit. The new couple are the Gibbs, and they are from Provo, and Elder Gibb is actually the exact same age as Dad. They also served a mission previously in Hong Kong, so they are good replacements. Are you guys planning for a mission at all? It would be interesting to see where you got sent, I don’t want you to be gone though! So maybe wait until we are all married.

Your letters are great, don’t worry about them being special.  Just hearing from you, and knowing you are behind me always gives me the boost I need for the week ahead. I love you, and miss you terribly! I hope you and Megan have fun while she is home, and wish more than anything I could be there with the two of you!

Sister Zurcher

P.S. Forgot to tell you about our new investigators. We have a new Chinese mom named A Ling that we are teaching. She was a referral from one of the Polish elders actually, and was a really inspired find I think. She lives in an area termed “Gypsyville” which is an interesting area as you can tell from the name. There are gypsy teenagers that drive this horse drawn trailer calling for scrap metal from all the neighbors. Anyway, we followed up the referral and knocked on her door.  She talked to us, and told us that she just felt like she had been wanting to go back to church and that she felt like the Lord had sent us to her. She has a 2 and a half year old son. She seems to be a little isolated, and the son is really clingy to her. I think because he doesn’t have many friends to play with in the area. She came to church on Sunday and seemed to enjoy it. We are teaching her more this week, and also have an English lesson with her every Friday. I think she really needs the light of the gospel in her life.

The other person we are teaching is a 16 year old Chinese girl named Sihan. She is from China, but is pretty much British, as in she identifies more with the British culture. We have taught her most of the restoration, and showed her the restoration video about Joseph Smith last week, and she was really touched. This was a great lesson. It’s so amazing when people feel the spirit and start to learn to recognize its influence. The only problem is that she currently goes to a Catholic church every Sunday with her mom, so I don’t know how we are going to get her to church to see what it’s like.  We really want to get her to the British ward and get her involved with the Young Women’s program.

I decided to start up a restaurant in my spare time!
I decided to start up a restaurant in my spare time!
The one of the trees is Pearson Park, which is where the Gibbs live and where we hold Chinese church.  It was such a beautiful morning I wanted to capture it. We continue to have on and off again sunny weather, so it's great. Fall is on it's way though!
The one of the trees is Pearson Park, which is where the Gibbs live and where we hold Chinese church. It was such a beautiful morning I wanted to capture it. We continue to have on and off again sunny weather, so it’s great. Fall is on it’s way though!

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  1. Sister Zurcher
    We are so excited to follow you with your mission experiences! Of course Rich loves hearing about your work with the Chinese people. I can see it would be challenging having such transient members. They will go back to China and continue to lay the foundation for the Gospel to be preached to all the world! Exciting stuff :).
    Love you so much and am so proud of who are, Giselle

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