Party (Chinese Style)

DSC07035Ni hao! I went through a roller coaster of emotions as I read your email. It made me laugh, some of it made me want to cry, I felt happy, I felt wistful. It was all information I needed, and don’t ever feel like you can’t send pictures because I love it, it’s the best. So thank you for once again being my rock this week and talking me off the ledge. When will you ever be free from doing this with your children? We fasted on Sunday for the people we are teaching, and of course in my personal fast I fasted for the strength to be able to endure the homesickness and discouragement. The Lord has helped me this week. I know He is there. I’ve had various impressions this week, over and over, that I am needed here. Wednesday was the day that was hardest for whatever reason, and I kept thinking “I’m not necessary here, I’m not making a difference,” but that morning while I was making breakfast and going about other things, this thought kept coming back to my mind. “Kate, I need you.” That was it, simple and not very explanatory, but it’s what I needed to hear. Of course thoughts kept coming back into my mind trying to refute those four words, but I know that was an answer from the Lord, and I just have to be able to stay persistent and diligent. One day at a time right?

As far as the running thing goes, I can’t change the situation much. I have come to terms with the fact that it is just another thing that I have to sacrifice while I’m here. I’m willing to do that. I already am dreaming of running the St. George marathon the October after I get back. I really didn’t realize how much I’ve grown to love running until I got here. It really became an outlet for me in Tucson, and sometimes I just wish I could transport straight to Sabino Canyon and feel my feet hitting the trails there. This is something that again there will be plenty of time for when I get back.

Last week was so cold, but the past two days the sun has been out and it’s actually been warm. The cold will return I’m sure, but it’s a nice reprieve for now. We have another baptism this coming Friday! Yea! It’s Shelly, who is one of the Chinese member’s friends. She was such a miracle and surprise. She has known about the church for a while through the member, Cherry, but hasn’t really been interested until really recently. She was so prepared for this, it is incredible.  The teaching process with her really has been about 2 weeks total because she already has known and accepted a lot through Cherry. I’m so excited for her and she is just the sweetest! Friday will be a great day, and I think we will grab dinner with her and Cherry after to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrations, there was a lot of that this week. Oscar had a birthday, and he invited us, and some other Chinese friends over for hot pot (which is kind of like fondue, but different.) Basically you have a thing of simmering broth in the middle, and you gradually throw different things in like meat, vegetables, etc., wait for it to cook, and then grab it out and eat it. It was a lot of fun and the food was great. We also celebrated Mid-autumn festival this week, so we wrapped some more dumplings with Bruce and ate moon cakes. Also fun, but moon cakes are not my favorite…but still a necessary life experience.

I’m really short on time, so I’m sorry, but that’s all for the week! I love you Mom! Don’t worry about me too much, but thank you for your prayers and good thoughts. I definitely felt them holding me up this week.

Love, Sister Zurcher





















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