Drumroll Please…

DSC07156So is everybody wondering what news transfers brought??? Can you guess? The big news is…..I’m leaving the good city of Hull for the big bad streets of Leeds! Sister Lam is training again…for the third time in a row. Yikes. We were both pretty stressed out yesterday because we had to wait until around 8 or 9 PM to find out. We knew one of us was leaving, but not sure who it was going to be. I’m truly sad to have to leave this area and the temporary family of missionaries and members that I’ve formed here, but leaving will be a new adventure and I think I’m ready for it. I don’t know much about my new companion yet, other than that she trained the sister missionary that trained Sister Lam, so technically she is my great grandma. Sister Lam and I will both drive up to Leeds on the coach tomorrow for the transfer meeting where she will meet her new trainee and I’ll head off with my new companion. Did I mention how much I hate change? I already feel emotionally drained thinking about the goodbyes I will have to say today. We are having dinner at the Gibbs with some of our good Chinese friends tonight, so that will be sad, but fun. The Gibbs have pretty much become my temporary parents, so that one will be hard. It’s hard to say if it will be harder to say goodbye to them or Oscar. It’s kind of a toss up. I think we will also stop by the Martins house tonight (who are members that live nearby and have let us use their front room for Chinese FHE) and have a chat and hot chocolate together.

This last week has been a good one. We have built up our teaching pool quite a bit with the students, so that will be good for the newbie coming in. I definitely feel like I’ve left some sort of small impact in this area in working with the members and those we have had the privilege to baptize. It’s weird to look at our whiteboard with the list of people we are teaching and think of all of their potential and wonder what will happen with all of them in the coming months. Sadly I will no longer be a part of the story. It will also be strange not to have the challenge of a Chinese area any longer, and to see what teaching the people of England is really like. Sounds tough. Good news is, packages should be really fast in getting to me.

I hope your foot surgery goes well and according to plan. I don’t really like the idea of you having surgery while I’m away, even if it’s not that serious. Tell Emily to sit in on the surgery and make sure they do their job right. I feel like I don’t have much else to say this morning. It was hard to fall asleep last night thinking about my last day in Hull and transition to Leeds. I got most of my packing done before we came to email, which was a miracle. You know how much I hate packing. I’m sending some skirts back home because they don’t work and are just taking up room in my suitcase, so just expect that.

The words that have been reverberating in my head since I found out about transfers are “Be still and know that I am God.” Those words came to me when I was first in this area as well, and it reminds me to just remember that everything is in the Lord’s hands and to rely on Him. It will all work out!

I should have more to tell you on Monday!

Love you lots!

XOXO Sister Zurcher









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