Big Bad Leeds

DSC07172I hope you got some sleep last night and I’m praying that your surgery goes well and that all the doctors and people involved in it are responsible and capable…oh and also that Emily is a nice nurse (ha ha just kidding Emoo). So now to tell you all about the last week. Where do I even begin?? You know me well because you know I desperately hate change. At the same time I was ready for a change, but deep down my heart wanted to stay in Hull where I had come to dearly love the people: Sister Lam, the members, The Gibbs, the other missionaries, our district, and all the dear Chinese people. The last couple of days there were so hard to say goodbye. The night of transfers we called a few people to tell them I was leaving. We called Oscar and he sort of wouldn’t believe it. We had a little dinner party at the Gibbs my last night, so that was fun to be with everyone, but made me sad. We aren’t supposed to email or correspond with missionaries in our mission, so I can’t really stay in contact with Sister Lam, which is sooo hard! I think it’s just to make sure that we have enough time to email family and the President and everything, but I’m just dying to know what is going on in Hull. I think Sister Lam and I will be friends forever. She already booked me to play at her wedding. Which reminds me, her boyfriend, who is serving in the Disneyland mission (Korean speaking) sent me a letter. When I got it I was so confused because it was a super thick letter, and I don’t even know the kid. Inside of it were 4 letters, one from him, and three from his companion and other missionaries serving with him. He informed me that Sister Lam had told him that I was having some struggles in Hull with the culture and language barrier and missing home, so he and his friends fasted and prayed specifically for me and sent me letters of encouragement and love. Wow. These people don’t even know me and yet they recognized that I needed some uplifting. I was so touched and still can’t believe such an act of kindness that came from complete strangers. Sister Lam is starting over with training yet again with a sister from France. Pretty exotic, but she can’t replace me, ha.  

So now I have a touch of homesickness for Hull, along with missing Utah. By the end of my mission I think there will be little pieces of my heart strewn along the northeast of England. Maybe by that time, I will be in a place where it will be hard for me to leave England and come home. But for now, Leeds is becoming my new home! Leeds is great. Such a great city to be in! I already love it, but I’m worried that I won’t get the area down well enough in the next 6 weeks. You know how bad I am with directions…imagine me on buses with a map. In Tucson, I got lost in my car with a GPS, ha ha. It’s something that I pray about a lot actually because it worries me. This is Sister McReynolds very last transfer, and it’s looking like I might be called to train at the end of these six weeks. I don’t feel ready, but I am trying to get to know the area as fast as possible. Sister McReynolds and the last sister missionary just baptized two guys from Spain last week, so we have been doing some follow up lessons with them. They don’t speak English that well, but luckily there is a couple in the ward from Chile. The husband actually served the same mission as Briton. Such great people. Who would have thought that I would be exposed to teaching in so many different languages here in England. It really is such a diverse area, it’s amazing. Sister McReynolds is from Oregon, she was studying animal sciences at BYU Idaho before she came out. She is a great missionary and I know she can teach me a lot by the end of these next 6 weeks. I miss my Sister Lam though. It’s hard to start all the way over with a new companion and get into a new routine. But this is a life of a missionary! My first week here has been so tiring! There is a lot more running around here since it is a bigger area, and it is a very hilly area. So that’s a big change from Hull, but it’s good because it will help me burn some more calories, ha. I live in an actual house now!  It’s beautiful. So we actually have four girls total living at the flat, which is so fun! The other girls are, Sister Wynder, who is from Washington and she is training Sister Drogoti, from Albania. They are the Chinese Uni team here, so I still have somewhat of a connection to the Chinese! Yea!  

My first Sunday here was interesting. It was the primary program, and apparently the primary pianist sometimes doesn’t show up to church. Long story short, I ended up playing the piano for the entire program on about 5 minutes notice. Ha ha. It was kind of fun, and the primary kids are always so cute. So hopefully that will help the members get to know me quickly! Anyway hope everyone’s week goes well! I love you so much. Not a day passes that I don’t think of you!

Love, Sister Zurcher
















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