Happy November / Bonfire Night!

DSC07290Okay first, Happy Halloween and Happy Bonfire Night tomorrow! Halloween is a major let down around here. It’s just not very big here, but we had to be in early just in case anyone got any funny ideas. Bonfire Night is tomorrow and that seems to be bigger than Halloween. People have been setting off fireworks for the past week in preparation. We’ve had a lot of amazing things happen in our area the past couple of weeks. It’s like people have just been coming out of the woodwork! We are teaching two girls from Iran, a girl from Romania, and a family of Slovakians. Pretty crazy. It got really cold here the past couple days. I think it might snow soon, which I’m kind of excited about mostly because anything is better than rain.

I’ve probably expressed this to you before, but as I’ve had to work with investigators and especially recent converts/less actives, I just always have to keep in mind that the Lord has a plan for each of his children and they all have their own path. Sometimes you just have to trust that and share that burden with the Lord or you will just rip all of your hair out. Sister Lam sent me a “T-book” (testimony book) which is basically a tradition in the mission where each companion puts together a bunch of pictures and memories and then puts their testimony at the end. You can see part of it in my pictures this week. I miss her so much!

I was reading a talk about the story of Isaac and Rebekah in the last conference. This of course is talked about as one of the greatest love stories in the Bible, and I love it. The talk was by Sister Dalton (my favorite!) and she talked about Rebekah’s decision to go with Abraham’s servant into a foreign land to be wed to a complete stranger. When Rebekah was asked she simply said “I will go.” She was promised by the Lord that she would be a “mother to millions” and we know that Christ eventually descended from her line. Sister Dalton says “Your choices matter now. Generations are depending on the choices you make.” Powerful. I hope we can all remember this and truly know that the Lord is depending on us to make correct decisions, not only for our sake, but for future generation’s sakes. Each of us has so very much potential and even if we can’t see it, the Lord can because He sees the beginning from the end.

I hope you know I love you all dearly!

Sister Zurcher




















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