Can’t Stop Smiling


I want to be able to tell you every single detail about this week because it was filled with so many good things, but it’s so hard to impart everything through email. Good thing I get to talk to you in 10 DAYS! I’m so so excited, I can’t even describe it. I got your package safe and sound this morning. Thanks so much!! It constantly astounds me how well you take care of me, as well as the rest of your kids. You are an incredible example to me Mom. Hopefully my children can reap the benefit of that example someday.

Emily called me this morning and when I was talking to her, we planned that she would just drop by the house tonight or tomorrow night. As soon as I hung up, I didn’t feel okay about it though, so I called President for some advice and counsel. He told me that his head was saying no, but that his heart wanted to say yes. But of course, in the end, he told me no. I completely respect his decision, no matter how bummed out I am about it. What he said is that if she’s here and I don’t see her, I’ll forget about it quickly, but if she’s here and I do see her, I will be thinking about it a lot, which I think is true.

Just to share some things quickly with you. Elder Kearon (one of the British Seventy) came and spoke to our whole mission this week. Wow, what an incredible experience. Basically the gist of his message to us was doing everything with real intent, with our WHOLE hearts. The message really hit home with all of us I think because as missionaries we are always looking for ways to improve, to work more effectively. He had a really powerful spirit about him, and it was so good to hear his words. I know they came straight from the Lord. He also interviewed a few of us personally after the conference was over, and I had the chance to meet with him. That’s something I don’t think I’ll ever forget in my entire life. I just felt like he could see the intent of my heart, and that he knows I’m doing my very best. It’s hard to describe, but I just felt like I didn’t have to prove anything to him.  He said a prayer with me at the end and just blessed me to be able to rise above my struggles and continue to touch the lives of the people here. Incredible.

Jane was baptized on Saturday. She has the most powerful testimony, and I feel so grateful to have been a small part of her journey. I know that coming to a knowledge of God and Christ have changed her life, and will bless the rest of her life. I was sitting there next to Sister Wynder at the baptismal service, and I just couldn’t stop smiling. I always feel like how a parent must feel at these services. Just so proud and humble that I can be a part of it. We had several lessons with her the past week, and every time I said the prayer, I just felt overwhelming love from Heavenly Father for her. I’m so happy for Jane.

I love you all and am counting the days till I see your happy Christmas faces! Ha ha. Love ya!

Sister Zurcher

Mom don’t be stressed about Christmas. Find a way to enjoy it and be in the moment. I know you have so much burden and responsibility this time of year, and really always, but these moments don’t come around very often. Remember the reason behind all of it. Try to find the spirit of Christ among all the stress. I love you so incredibly much!











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