And a Happy New Year!


I loved the pictures you sent of Christmas. It looked like a fun gathering, especially with Claire in the mix. She is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I can definitely see the Zurcher in her…am I imagining it, or does she look a bit like I did as a baby? Oh man I can’t wait to give her a squeeze when I get home. That’s the first item of business.

We had such a great Christmas, and are looking forward to the New Year coming up. Can you believe it’s 2014?!? The work has been kind of slow going lately because of the holidays and everything, so we are all kind of anxious to jump back into it once the holidays are over and done with. Transfers are ominously looming in the future though.  But, we’ll all make it through regardless. I am truly confident that the Lord is helping direct this work, and no matter who gets put with who or where, he will always provide a way to accomplish what He needs us to. So let’s just put it out of our minds for now. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but Sister Kuhn, Sister Edgington, and Sister Wynder are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love these girls so so much.

Do you want to hear the biggest travesty though? England doesn’t sell eggnog! Anywhere! What the heck man? You know how I love eggnog. Nothing beats that high viscosity. Ha. Instead we enjoyed punch and mince pies at the Christmas party, which was alright.

We definitely have some work to do in the coming months. I can’t wait. The best is yet to come right? Of course there will be some more hard times, but this work is some of the most rewarding work around. Cheers to a New Year!! I hope you all can prioritize spiritual things in the coming year, even among all the millions of things on your plate. Something I’ve realized here is just how very important our relationship is with Heavenly Father.  I love you!

Love, Sister Zurcher











DSC07569 DSC07567











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