Lucky Leeds!


You must be wondering what’s happening with me! This last week has completely flown by. I love the feeling of promise and hope that a brand new year brings. It kind of settles in the air as soon as the Christmas decorations are packed up, and the sleep deprivation wears off from New Year’s Eve…but wait, the feeling of sleep deprivation never wears off here. Ha okay, so guess what?!? Sister Wynder and I are staying together here in Leeds!!! Yes! What an incredible transfer this will be. I was also called as a Sister Training Leader, so we will get to serve together in that calling, as she has been serving as one already. Basically what we do in the calling is go on exchange once a week with the other surrounding sister missionaries and simply try to help and uplift them. I’m so excited. The sister missionaries in our mission are seriously top notch! It will be such a privilege to work with them and serve them. I couldn’t be happier. Somehow this work seems to function despite having so many people from so many different walks of life and cultures. We all somehow get along and it works out despite challenges and setbacks. I love to be able to associate with the other missionaries here. They really are exceptional, and everyone here has given up something to be able to be here and serve the Lord with all their heart. I love this work.

I loved your email this week about Mary. It was such an incredible testimony, and it just reconfirms to me that the reason I know what I know, and have the faith that I do, is because you have shown me the way. Sorry this is short this week but I love you incredibly! Stay tuned.

Love, Sister Zurcher





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