Back to the Grind (in a good way)


Glad to hear updates from you as always. It’s the closest to feeling like we had a nice chat on the phone like when I used to live in Tucson. Obviously it’s not quite the same, but it will do. I love you.  The work here has been great this week. We went on our first exchange with two other sisters, and one of them, was in my same MTC group. So that was really fun to serve with her for a day! I think a sign of a successful exchange is that Sister Wynder and I both came away uplifted and motivated. I hope the other two sisters did as well. This is a completely different type of missionary work, but I really love it so far. It’s exhausting at the same time, but one of those rewarding exhausting types of work. You know what I mean?

Sister Wynder and I cleaned the crap out of our flat today. That’s why we are later emailing. It was like a preemptive spring cleaning. It feels good, but I’m still mad at whoever thought white carpet was a good idea. It’s like the Tucson house all over again…I think we will have better peace of mind and perhaps be able to feel the influence of the spirit more fully with a clean and organized space. The house felt empty at first without two other sisters, but somehow we’ve been able to fill it and spread out a little bit. So that is nice.

We were having a conversation this morning about how we can retain the things we learn here and the habits we form and somehow embed them into normal life when the time comes to return. We both have some time before this will happen, but we’ve both seen it happen so many times that people become casual when returning home and fall back into old habits. The thing that I think people lose sight of is that progression and growth continue after a mission. People sometimes look back to that time as the ultimate time of spiritual enlightenment and growth, but of course we can continue to learn and grow once we return home. Faith is always pointed towards the future. I want the things I learn here and the experiences I have to be something I can look back at to encourage me to rely on the Lord and keep my faith in Him. Does this make sense? I hope so. I hope the January weather is treating you well. Winter can’t last forever right? Still no snow here yet!

Love, Sister Zurcher





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