Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Happy Monday! This week has been a busy one, but good! First of all, I got to take my driving lessons and Sister Wynder and I have both been asked to apply for a UK licence. Sister Wynder and I agree that two of the things we miss the most here are driving, and sleep. One of the members in the ward, Brother Richmond, is a driving instructor, so we set up an appointment with him. The car was a manual, so that was interesting, but I only stalled 3 or 4 times ha. One of the times I stalled right before a roundabout, so that was kind of scary.  Luckily the cars we drive in the mission are all automatics. Brother Richmond has a great sense of humor though, so we were all laughing the whole time and he said he would have us over for tea one night and cook for us (he says his wife has been banned from the kitchen for years). The members are incredible. I love getting to know them and hearing their diverse stories about life and the church, it really is great. These people become my family while I am here.

We have been meeting with a woman who has been in and out of the church in the past years. We’ve been meeting with her since about October, and also attended her mother’s funeral in that month as well. I’m not sure if she has ever had a sure, solid, foundation in the church, but recently we found out that her father, before he died was really involved in our ward.  He used to teach Sunday school. She found a letter from him recently that she misplaced and she read it to us the last time we visited. She couldn’t quite finish it because it brought her to tears, so we finished reading it for her. It was really touching, and just focused on how important it is to involve Heavenly Father in your life. He told her to realize how important forgiveness is and to always use words in kindness. She still has a ways to go in her progress, but it’s been enlightening to be involved in her life and become her friend. I love her.

A couple days ago Sister Wynder and I were out in Hyde Park near the university area talking to people. We were talking to this uni age student that was from London, having a great conversation, and all the sudden the sun disappeared and we were all pelted by a hail storm. And then it started pouring. We asked him if this ever happened in London, and he said “I don’t think this happens anywhere except right here.” We gave him a card and went on our way, getting soaked the whole time. I think we had to take about an hour long shower that night to get warm again ha.

We have also been teaching an older lady recently who is looking into the church again after 20 years. Sometimes people aren’t quite ready to take the steps it takes to join the church. Sometimes it takes certain experiences in life to bring them to the point where they realize that they want a relationship with Heavenly Father, and in fact need a relationship with Him. It’s great to be able to witness that journey and be a part in helping facilitate it.

If you pray for sunny weather here, I’ll pray for sunny and inversionless weather there!

Love, Sister Zurcher


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