A Mater of the Heart


This week started off pretty mundane…well as mundane as a day can be on a mission. Sister Wynder and I found out we were staying together, so I have been thinking of things I want to change within myself or the way I am doing things since the area is the same. You have to shake things up a little bit right? Anyway, things progressed this week pretty much the same as they have the past five weeks or so, and when that happens, my mind has a hard time staying engaged in the work. I see an endless list of to-dos and ways we need to help the people we are working with. Overwhelmed with the mundane is how it feels. Is that an oxymoron?

But then Saturday came. We went to the chapel in the morning to rehearse a musical number for the bishop’s son’s baptism the following day with bishop’s daughter-in-law and soon to be daughter-in-law. It’s always good to start the day off with making some music. We went to the university area later that day, which is where we usually try to talk to people since we are a university based team. So we had talked to a few people, and we were having a good time just being in each other’s company and trying to slow people down to give us a chance to present our message. We saw this Chinese student walking ahead of us on the other side of the road, and so I said, “let’s cross and go talk to him!”..mostly in a whisper so he wouldn’t hear. I crossed the road and Sister Wynder followed, and we caught up to him. We were headed to a new couple’s flat in the nearby area pretty soon, so Sister Wynder asked him for directions. He was SO nice! I think he is probably the happiest guy I have ever met. His English name is Aaron. He looked up directions for us on his iPhone and then we talked to him about an activity we were having during the week and mentioned church. He said he could come on Wednesday, so we said great. Later that night he texted us and said he had thought about it and actually decided he did want to go to church the next day. We were giddy for the rest of the night.

The thing is, from the story it might sound like I must have been really inspired to cross the street that day and talk to him, but really I didn’t feel much until we were actually talking to him. Sister Wynder and I both felt so good as we were walking away from that conversation with him. We felt the spirit really strongly, and even if maybe I wasn’t aware of it, the Spirit must have prompted me. We were having a conversation later about how we really know if people are prepared or not to hear our message, and the thing is we rarely don’t. We just have to act, and talk to everybody, and the Lord gives us direction as we act in faith.

We picked Aaron up from the city center and rode the bus to church on Sunday morning. As we were riding along our journey, every other bus stop, members from our church kept getting on, so we pointed them out to him. By the time we got to the bus stop by church, almost the whole bus was full of people going to church and we cleared the bus when we got off. It was a nice experience, as we were all making some sort of sacrifice, whether great or small, to go to church and worship God on Sunday morning.

So why did Aaron accept and act upon the invitation to come to church after just meeting us the previous day? From the subject line I think you can guess my answer. I feel as though it is a matter of the heart. Aaron might not even really know what he is looking for at this point, but we have the great privilege of teaching how to form a relationship with Heavenly Father and have greater happiness in his life. I believe he has been prepared by the Lord, and more importantly his heart has been prepared. How do you feel the Lord has prepared your heart?

Love, Sister Zurcher





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