In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb


It seems as though spring comes pretty early here in good old England. I have been so lucky with weather since I have come. We still haven’t had any snow! There are daffodil stems coming up all over, and the snow drops have been blooming the past couple of weeks. I love spring. I have missed it since living in Arizona the past five years. Nothing can surpass the tulips in Salt Lake that will be coming up pretty soon though.  

I can’t think of much to say except the woman we have been teaching, Sue, is incredible. After looking into the church twenty years ago she is back and hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth His church has to offer. I think she always felt the truth that rang in our message, but the Lord has been preparing her the past twenty years to fully accept it. It always amazes me the power and help that people receive to overcome obstacles such as following the word of wisdom. Along with teaching the doctrine and principles, we promise great blessings. The Lord rarely gives a commandment without promising a blessing. The Lord is incredibly merciful. I’m grateful for Him in my life and the opportunity to help those that are looking to find Him.

I hope you appreciate the miracle of spring this year!

Love, Sister Zurcher



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