On the Sunny Side of the Street


Last P-day we spent the day with the Keighley sisters, Sister Decker from Lehi, and Sister Schmidt from Germany, because we were going on exchange with them that night. Bronte-land is nearby where they live, so we took a train to Keighley, and then a bus to Haworth. We were able to go inside the church the Brontes lived by and where their father was a minister. The sisters are buried underneath the church. I think the coolest thing was to walk around the church and the nearby countryside that surrounded and think that this was where they grew up and drew their inspiration from. I love being in a land with such rich history.  

There was a quote I liked that they had up from a letter that Charlotte wrote to a friend. “My home is humble and unattractive to strangers, but to me it contains what I shall find nowhere else in the world–the profound and intense affection which brothers and sisters feel for each other when their minds are cast in the same mould…” Being in many different homes since I have been here, both of members and non-members of the church, it’s interesting to observe how other families operate. Every family, or person has certain things and routines they are used to, and every family has a bit of dysfunction. It’s interesting to see the effect that the gospel of Jesus Christ has upon the home, despite dysfunction. It brings charity, love, patience, kindness, and hope.

Also, kind of a funny story, we went to an old-fashioned sweet shop. I went to buy what I thought were coke bottle gummy sweets. I ate a few after I came out of the shop and they just didn’t taste quite right. I looked down to inspect them, and sort of smelled the bag…it reeked of alcohol. I had accidentally bought beer bottle gummy sweets..only in Europe ha ha. We all laughed about that one for a while.

Sue is doing so well.  Her date is one March 21. We had a lesson with her last week and she was saying that this is the happiest she has ever been. I love to see the light of Christ reflect on the people we are teaching. It’s great. I’m still striving to turn outside myself more, to be less self-centered, less selfish, etc. To think about others more around me, Sister Wynder, the other missionaries, the people we teach and interact with. It’s a frustrating exercise because I lose my patience a lot, mostly with myself. The incredible thing is, I can keep trying, and keep striving to be more like Christ, and He will always be my side. I love my Savior. I love all of you.

Love, Sister Zurcher








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