Photoshoot in the smallest kitchen in the world. Making some lemon, chicken and parmesan pasta.
Photoshoot in the smallest kitchen in the world. Making some lemon, chicken and parmesan pasta.

Sister Kuhn and I have finally gotten back into a rhythm after sickness and adjustments took over… although I seem to be coming down with a cold now. Good thing colds don’t slow you down too much! When I think back about this week, all Sister Kuhn and I seem to do is laugh … mostly at ourselves. We were out one night, and we were coming back to the flat a little bit early. Sister Kuhn needed to use the bathroom. It was about 8:55. I made her go back outside with me to use our time up to the very last minute. They say that some of the biggest miracles happen within the last minutes of the day. In this case, it was more of a laugh. Since we were near our house, we were in a residential area, and there weren’t many people out on the street. As we came out of our door, we saw someone walk by a couple streets down. Sister Kuhn yells “Get him!” and starts sprinting down the street, and so I follow suit and try to keep up with her while I’m almost out of breath laughing. Luckily the person was far enough away not to realize we were in pursuit. So we finally get relatively near to the person, so we slow down and try to get our breath back. We catch up to the person just as they are crossing the street, so Sister Kuhn yells “Hiya!” and they turn around and stop. Turns out the “him” was a her named Ruth who teaches P.E. in a nearby school. We had a great conversation. Sometimes the Lord needs us to act on his instructions, sometimes for those around us, but sometimes maybe just for ourselves. We returned to our flat, satisfied that we had worked to the very last minute.

Another day, we had just gotten out of a meeting, and were going to grab some quick lunch before heading to another appointment to see Susan. We grabbed a random assortment of stuff at the local Co-op and then sat on the grass in the middle of a roundabout in the neighborhood. There were kids out and about all over the place because of Easter break. It was a sunny day, so we took advantage and soaked up some Vitamin-D. Midway through our lunch a two kids walk by, and one of them happened to be Susan’s granddaughter, who we had met the previous week. She recognized us, and came over and chatted with us. We were talking to her and her friend for a while, and then pretty soon, one-by-one other kids started to join us. Pretty soon there were about six kids around us, and they all sat down in a circle around us. I chalk it up to boredom on their part, but I felt like Christ, when all the children gathered around him. Some of these kids have rather rough backgrounds, and I just wanted to gather them all and tell them what the key to a good life is.

I was on exchange in Wharfe Valley this week, and Sister Hall and I went and saw an older man in his 80’s who hasn’t been to church in a long time. He loves the missionaries. He is kind of a rough character, but you can tell he is a softie deep down. He was telling us about how he served a building mission, meaning he helped build some of our churches in the area, and he was telling us about how he met David O. McKay. President McKay came around one of the building sites while they were working, and he said everyone hid because they were so intimidated. President McKay came over and talked to him, even though he was hiding down in the maintainence room. In his words, he said “You could tell he wasn’t just a normal bloke. He was filled with light.”  I love that. The light that we carry when we are followers of Christ is apparent to others. People recognize it.

Happy late Easter to everyone.  I love you!
Sister Zurcher

Sister Jodicke is ready for some world travels!
Sister Jodicke is ready for some world travels!
Exchange at the Keighly flat! Sister Schmidt and Sister Decker are the best missionaries!
Exchange at the Keighly flat! Sister Schmidt and Sister Decker are the best missionaries!
Susan's dog, Tito, who is huge, decided to make himself comfy in my lap, the whole lesson!
Susan’s dog, Tito, who is huge, decided to make himself comfy in my lap, the whole lesson!
Spring has bloomed outside of our flat!
Spring has bloomed outside of our flat!
Shenanigans with gets pretty boring as a missionary. I was pretty proud that we got the full bottle at the top to balance.
Shenanigans with bottles…life gets pretty boring as a missionary. I was pretty proud that we got the full bottle at the top to balance.
Poster design nightmare! Note the disclaimer at the bottom. Sister Kuhn is studying graphic design so she was appalled.
Poster design nightmare! Note the disclaimer at the bottom. Sister Kuhn is studying graphic design so she was appalled.
Mini egg chocolate eggs! Beautiful!!"
Mini egg chocolate eggs! Beautiful!!”


First off, thanks for the package! Thanks to Megan for the rice krispie treats. Sister Arrive and Sister Jodicke had never tried them before, so that was fun to share…they didn’t last long, mostly because of me! Sadly, Sister Kuhn started getting sick the day we became companions, but luckily my immune system has fought things off for once, so I’m healthy as a horse (more or less). She lost her voice for about two days, so she was going around the flat with a notebook of paper entitled “Sister Kuhn’s Chalkboard”. By the time she took the effort to write something down, the subject had already changed. We were all laughing about her plight by the end, and she was trying to laugh.

I miss Sister Wynder greatly! She is in my thoughts a lot, but luckily we correspond frequently for STL (Sister Training Leader) stuff. She is a good egg. She has a great love for those around her, and a great desire to follow the Savior. She is an example to me.

Sister Arrive is from France remember? She made us crepes yesterday morning! They were really good…I enjoyed nutella and bananas on them. I told her I would make some of your homemade American pancakes someday, and Sister Jodicke said she would make German pancakes, and Sister Kuhn, wanting to be a part of things, said she would make Australian pancakes…whatever that is ha.

On Saturday night we had curry and conference at the Halfords home. Love that couple to death! We took Jane with us, and this was her first time watching conference. Then, because Sister Kuhn was sick, we spent pretty much all of Sunday with the Boycotts, watching conference there, which felt like we were at home, so that was great! Something I wanted to encourage from Elder Ballard’s talk was receiving insights that you all receive from your scripture study or study of Preach My Gospel in your emails. That would strengthen me immensely, and I would be so interested to know what you are learning. We do this every morning in companion study with each other, so I’ll try to share some things regularly as well. My love for the scriptures has grown greatly while I’ve been here.

Questions I had for myself as I watched conference:
Q: What superficial entities am I tied to at home (Apple products, media, greed)? How have I been able to cut those ties here on a mission (besides obviously from literally cutting them) and how can I keep securely tied to God when I return?
Q: How can I foster gratitude as a way of life, as in being grateful for the circumstances OF life rather than for the things IN my life?

I’m still trying to ponder the answers to these questions, but I liked what President Monson said,

“LOVE is the essence of this gospel, the Savior our exemplar.”

So with most questions in life, we can turn to the Savior’s example and learn from what He did and how He dealt with people and circumstances in His life. He ALWAYS responded with love. Always. I would love to hear your insights from conference as well. Hope you all had a chance to listen to some!

Love, Sister Zurcher






We got the transfer calls last night. Sister Wynder and I thought we would be probably split up, and we were. Basically us and another set of the sister training leaders in Beverly are being swapped around. So Sister Kuhn and I will be companions and Sister Wynder will go to Beverly, which is a really posh town near to Hull. We also have Sister Arrive, from France, and Sister Jodicke, from Germany moving into the flat. It’s been a really hard week with anticipating transfers, but it’s over and done luckily. Change is hard, but I suppose all good things have to come to an end. I don’t know if you remember, but Sister Kuhn was with us in the flat for the Christmas transfer. She is from Australia, and we get on really well, so that is a relief. She is really hilarious, so we should have a laugh this transfer. I’ll miss Sister Wynder dearly though. Like you said, she is a life-long friend. I owe her a lot, and have learned greatly from her. Hopefully I can pass the things I learned and observed from her on to my future companions and the people around me.

P-day was fun today. Sarah Boycott, a member in the ward, took us to an American-style diner called Billy-Bob’s in Skipton. It was nice to drink an IBC and the sun decided to grace us with her presence, so we sat out on the play area, while her little boy played for a while.

Can’t wait for conference this weekend. We are going to a few member’s homes for some of the sessions, and will probably catch the rest at the stake center in Harrogate. I’ve been studying the last two conference issues pretty regularly, so it will be nice to get some more material. I love studying the words of the prophets. We picked back up with an old Chinese investigator from the Elders that left last transfer. Her name is Julia, and the sincerity with which she spoke with us was astounding. We discussed baptism, and Jane was with us, so she talked about her baptism and the sacredness and peace of the temple. Julia was hanging onto her every word, and by they end, asked us if she could please come watch a baptism. It’s amazing the power of personal testimony. It’s something you can’t refute because it’s not doctrine, it’s not fact, it’s simply what the person feels. It’s the best way to help others feel of the spirit of the Lord. Think about that the next time you have a conversation involving the church.

Until next week. Love,
Sister Zurcher