We got the transfer calls last night. Sister Wynder and I thought we would be probably split up, and we were. Basically us and another set of the sister training leaders in Beverly are being swapped around. So Sister Kuhn and I will be companions and Sister Wynder will go to Beverly, which is a really posh town near to Hull. We also have Sister Arrive, from France, and Sister Jodicke, from Germany moving into the flat. It’s been a really hard week with anticipating transfers, but it’s over and done luckily. Change is hard, but I suppose all good things have to come to an end. I don’t know if you remember, but Sister Kuhn was with us in the flat for the Christmas transfer. She is from Australia, and we get on really well, so that is a relief. She is really hilarious, so we should have a laugh this transfer. I’ll miss Sister Wynder dearly though. Like you said, she is a life-long friend. I owe her a lot, and have learned greatly from her. Hopefully I can pass the things I learned and observed from her on to my future companions and the people around me.

P-day was fun today. Sarah Boycott, a member in the ward, took us to an American-style diner called Billy-Bob’s in Skipton. It was nice to drink an IBC and the sun decided to grace us with her presence, so we sat out on the play area, while her little boy played for a while.

Can’t wait for conference this weekend. We are going to a few member’s homes for some of the sessions, and will probably catch the rest at the stake center in Harrogate. I’ve been studying the last two conference issues pretty regularly, so it will be nice to get some more material. I love studying the words of the prophets. We picked back up with an old Chinese investigator from the Elders that left last transfer. Her name is Julia, and the sincerity with which she spoke with us was astounding. We discussed baptism, and Jane was with us, so she talked about her baptism and the sacredness and peace of the temple. Julia was hanging onto her every word, and by they end, asked us if she could please come watch a baptism. It’s amazing the power of personal testimony. It’s something you can’t refute because it’s not doctrine, it’s not fact, it’s simply what the person feels. It’s the best way to help others feel of the spirit of the Lord. Think about that the next time you have a conversation involving the church.

Until next week. Love,
Sister Zurcher




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