Pray, He is There


First off, thanks for the package! Thanks to Megan for the rice krispie treats. Sister Arrive and Sister Jodicke had never tried them before, so that was fun to share…they didn’t last long, mostly because of me! Sadly, Sister Kuhn started getting sick the day we became companions, but luckily my immune system has fought things off for once, so I’m healthy as a horse (more or less). She lost her voice for about two days, so she was going around the flat with a notebook of paper entitled “Sister Kuhn’s Chalkboard”. By the time she took the effort to write something down, the subject had already changed. We were all laughing about her plight by the end, and she was trying to laugh.

I miss Sister Wynder greatly! She is in my thoughts a lot, but luckily we correspond frequently for STL (Sister Training Leader) stuff. She is a good egg. She has a great love for those around her, and a great desire to follow the Savior. She is an example to me.

Sister Arrive is from France remember? She made us crepes yesterday morning! They were really good…I enjoyed nutella and bananas on them. I told her I would make some of your homemade American pancakes someday, and Sister Jodicke said she would make German pancakes, and Sister Kuhn, wanting to be a part of things, said she would make Australian pancakes…whatever that is ha.

On Saturday night we had curry and conference at the Halfords home. Love that couple to death! We took Jane with us, and this was her first time watching conference. Then, because Sister Kuhn was sick, we spent pretty much all of Sunday with the Boycotts, watching conference there, which felt like we were at home, so that was great! Something I wanted to encourage from Elder Ballard’s talk was receiving insights that you all receive from your scripture study or study of Preach My Gospel in your emails. That would strengthen me immensely, and I would be so interested to know what you are learning. We do this every morning in companion study with each other, so I’ll try to share some things regularly as well. My love for the scriptures has grown greatly while I’ve been here.

Questions I had for myself as I watched conference:
Q: What superficial entities am I tied to at home (Apple products, media, greed)? How have I been able to cut those ties here on a mission (besides obviously from literally cutting them) and how can I keep securely tied to God when I return?
Q: How can I foster gratitude as a way of life, as in being grateful for the circumstances OF life rather than for the things IN my life?

I’m still trying to ponder the answers to these questions, but I liked what President Monson said,

“LOVE is the essence of this gospel, the Savior our exemplar.”

So with most questions in life, we can turn to the Savior’s example and learn from what He did and how He dealt with people and circumstances in His life. He ALWAYS responded with love. Always. I would love to hear your insights from conference as well. Hope you all had a chance to listen to some!

Love, Sister Zurcher






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