Postman Gary


So Sister Kuhn and I have been on a quest lately. To get ourselves the ultimate souvenir. A Royal Mail Postbag. So there we were strolling down the street last P-day on our way to watch some movies. It was an ordinary day, but then we saw Gary. This was our chance. As we approached him the words tumbled from my mouth, “Excuse me, how hard would it be to get a post bag like the one you have there?” Gary being the easygoing guy he is says “Not hard at all!” We were grinning like idiots after that. I never thought it would be so easy. “Are you coming this way on Wednesday? I can hide you one behind the stone pillars up there!” “Great we said! Thanks so much Gary!” But Gary went from being our greatest friend to our greatest enemy. We anticipated Wednesday like Christmas day and when the day finally came we were empty handed. Did Gary forget? Did someone take the bags? Was Gary joking with us? I guess we’ll never really know. Today we saw a different post man and approached him as well. What did we have to lose? We posed the same question to him as he lit up a cigarette. This time not such an easy response. “That could get me eight years in prison for penalty of post privacy infringement!” “But,” he said, “you can take a picture with Jess the cat.” “What the heck?” We had nothing to lose at that point so we went for it…see picture with Jess. I guess we might never know what happened to Gare Bear. Hopefully he isn’t behind bars for our sake.

Also some more humor for you from my study: Top reasons missionaries get FAT on their mission…

“Hearken dilligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness” Isaiah 55:”
“…the soul of the dilligent shall be made fat.” Proverbs 13:4

Next week I’ll try to give you the more spiritual side of my week. Hope you enjoyed! Love to all!

Sister Zurcher


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