Happy August

So the big news of the week is that Martin got baptized this week! Just in time for August, on the first! We are so proud of him. He showed up on Sunday in a white shirt, tie, nice pants, and shoes. He was looking sharp. In his blessing, it was said that he had received the greatest gift possible. That he would be a light and example to those in the church and his friends and family members that weren’t in the gospel. The greatest gift possible. Think about that. Referring to the gift of the holy ghost, but beyond that I think referring to eternal life. Do we realize how very precious the truths and the ordinances that we have in the church are. They change lives. I have worked with a lot of people…people that sometimes are disheartening to work with because of the darkness and dysfunction that they have become trapped within. Sometimes it just seems like they will never be able to break out of that. But then you see them change, and it is a miracle. The light and hope of the gospel enters their lives and it makes a difference, slowly but surely.

After Martin’s baptism, he sent us a text when we were home. He said, “Hi, it’s Martin. Thank you for all that you both do for me.” We were both nearly in tears. That is a lot of emotion for Martin to show. The spirit has touched his heart over and over when we have taught him. He has taken this small step, and has changed his life forever. He is so much happier when we see him. No less a miracle than Moses parting the Red Sea. Love you all!

Sister Zurcher

*Pictures to come next week.


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