Transfer meeting was hard!  I didn’t anticipate that. Just seeing people that I have served with for so long, finish out and give their departing testimony really got to me. Plus saying goodbye to Sister Kuhn/hello again to Sister Wynder encompassed a lot of emotions. I think people don’t realize the things you share as a companion in working together 24/7. You experience a lot of incredibly hard and great things together, and it forges a strong friendship. Also, I think maybe it keeps getting more real that I will be finished and done soon as well in just a few months. The hardest goodbye might just be to the actual mission and everything I’ve learned here.

So the infamous duo back together again! Can you believe it? It’s just like old times, except we are in Darlo now. We had a great stake conference this weekend, and Sister and Elder Charles came to speak. Their conversion story was really interesting. Both of them growing up had a kind of mix of religions. Her mom was Catholic, her dad Muslim. His mom was Church of England, his dad Greek Orthodox. So when they married religion wasn’t really something they talked about or entertained because it was just such confusion growing up. But within the first couple of years both of them had moments separately where they wondered about God. And then the missionaries knocked and the Spirit touched their hearts. Really interesting. They are a powerful couple.

We taught a man named Colin this week, who for looks after other people’s dogs for work. He has chronic fatigue syndrome, so it’s something that he can manage for now. The elders taught him about a year ago, but then he had a really bad relapse with his illness and they fell out of contact. He is a really interesting guy. He studied piano performance in school and used to be a teacher, but again his illness prevents him from doing that now. Needless to say with all those dogs, we had a lot of hair on us after that lesson.

We are also teaching the wife of one of the members that just moved into the ward. Her name is Deb. We met with both of them at their home last week and ate chilli and potato jackets out in their back garden. The weather was glorious! Probably one of the last sunny days we will have. The leaves are definitely starting to turn around here. I think it will be hard in just recently being married and a lot of things changing to suddenly jump into a new religion, but she wants to learn so we will teach!

Phil and Hilary are a referral that we received a while back. He is a religious education (RE) teacher (which is a required course in schools here). He and his wife traveled to the states this summer and ended up in temple square in Salt Lake at one point and had a great chat with the sisters there. He wanted a book of Mormon to read because he would like to incorporate more religions that are usually left out of RE. Sister Kuhn and I left a Book of Mormon with him months ago for him to study. He called us up right before she left to invite us over for some cake and a chat. We had a really good conversation with him. He isn’t really religious himself but he is the type that wants to understand, and especially with his job, wants to help others understand. There is so much intolerance of religion just based on not understanding. He invited us to join this peace walk with him up in Newcastle at the end of September, so we are pretty keen. I think something will happen in his life at some point where everything will suddenly just click and God will become real for him, rather than just a subject of study.

Heading to Castle Bolton today with the Dunns, so later for now!

Love, Sister Zurcher

Last but not least, the outlets that you can switch off! Genius.
Last but not least, the outlets that you can switch off! Genius.
Fairy "washing up liquid", not detergent.
Fairy “washing up liquid”, not detergent.
Fancy peppermint tea...they don't mess around with tea here.
Fancy peppermint tea…they don’t mess around with tea here.
Maltesers are so much better than Whoppers.
Maltesers are so much better than Whoppers.

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  1. Time flies on wings of lightning. It’s hard to believe you will be coming home so soon. Enjoy every minute, and embrace every opportunity to share the gospel with your beloved mission and serving with your beloved companions. What a joyful memory these days will always be for the rest of your life, Sister Z!

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