However You Throw Me I Stand


Sister Baker, one of the members in Darlo, treated us to a place called Forbidden Corner last P-day. It was so cool! It was like Alice in Wonderland, or some fairy tale mixed with a labrynth-like maze. It was originally just a family’s back garden, but they started building fun little things and surprises, and eventually people started asking if they could go through it and now it is open to the public. We ran around like little kids trying to discover all the mysteries. The gardens alone were incredible, and it was fun to be out in the great weather. You can see from one of the pictures that we had an incredible view of the dales as well. We got super lucky with the good weather.

We are still talking a lot about humility in the mission. In our district meeting this week we talked about the scripture about the clay. Clay is incredibly hard to work with, in fact pretty much impossible to work with, if it is hard. On the other hand, if it has enough moisture, and is soft, it is easier to manipulate and form. Similarly we are like clay in the Lord’s hands. If our hearts are hard and unyieldable, he can’t do much with us. Pride results from sin, doubt, and even fear. Humility is like the moisture to the clay, as we soften our hearts and allow God to form us into what he has in store for us. Just been thinking about this a lot lately.

We are teaching a great family now. The mom’s name is Vicki, and she is incredible! She has six of the the cutest kids. This family is lacking some things, but what they don’t lack is love in their home. We could see it in the interactions of the kids and of Vicki as well. It was just really lovely to be in there home. Vicki is so prepared for the gospel! She understands the value and importance of it in her life, as well as her children, and she is hungry for it. We could just see the hand of the Lord in her life as we sat in her front room and listened to her story. These are the best moments as a missionary.

Is anyone else looking forward to general conference? Can’t wait to hear what messages they have for us!

Love, Sister Zurcher

FORBIDDEN CORNER - "The strangest place in the world!"
FORBIDDEN CORNER – “The strangest place in the world!”

DSC08421 DSC08422 DSC08415 DSC08412 DSC08413 DSC08410 DSC08409 DSC08402 DSC08398


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