October – “Stoptober” “Talktober”


Now that it is October we are focusing on ramping up our efforts to reach people now, as things always slow down around the holidays that are coming up.  As missionaries we really are like farmers who plant our seed and wait patiently for the harvest. People don’t change over night. I don’t change over night, so why would I expect others to? So we try to talk to everyone, and “Stoptober” is a great way to help people quit some of their addictions. Basically this month, the world is our oyster, and we want to help other people around us feel that way too…despite the gloomy and bitter weather that has settled in.

After a meeting in Leeds this week, Sister Kuhn and I stopped in Leeds and saw Lee and Alice and the family. Sister Kuhn and I worked with this family near the end of the time I was in Leeds. Kera, their oldest girl got baptised back in June, and Lee and Alice were baptised just about a week ago as they finally both were able to quit smoking! As soon as we walked in, Lee just couldn’t stop telling us about all the blessings they have seen since the church has entered their lives. The kids were running around like crazy, as usual, but he continued patiently to fill us in on how much happier they are. This was a great moment.

We also tried to stop by and see Susan Maggs, but nobody was in and I was pretty gutted because I never had time to really say goodbye. We didn’t leave a note or anything, but the miracle was that she called me and Sister Wynder the VERY next day. Not sure how she got our number or why she chose to call us then, as we hadn’t left a note or anything, but we were elated. One of the first things she said to us was that she was up to Alma 48 in the Book of Mormon. She filled us in on a few things that had happened: her ex-husband passed away, her youngest daughter is now in a wheelchair as she has a degenerative disease, but she too was really positive despite these things.

I feel such love for these people that I have been able to serve. How does that happen? How do we as missionaries come from all over the world, from different cultures and backgrounds and come to love complete strangers so dearly? Because we are serving in the place of the Saviour, and thus we experience the love that He would have for them in our place. As Elder Holland said, “You are not called to serve in a place, you are called to serve in the place of the Savior.” This is a pretty incredible phenomenon.

We were headed to the library today and the weather was just pretty miserable. We were sort of rushing to get out of the cold. There is this lady that stands outside one of the shops near the library that sells magazines every once and a while. We said hello to her, and she shot a friendly smile back. Turns out the computers at that library weren’t working so we came straight out. We saw the lady again, so we popped into the shop and bought her a hot chocolate. She seemed to be from a foreign country when we talked to her, and she must have a fairly hard life in earning a living. Hopefully it made a bit of a small difference to have something to warm her hands.

Love, Sister Zurcher


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