Whereas I Was Blind, Now I See

Last Mission Leadership Council with the STL's
Last Mission Leadership Council with the STL’s

This is my absolute favorite video that the Church has put out. I feel as though it encompasses what I myself have felt and experienced on my mission and witnessed in so many others. If you have a chance to actually study this story in the Bible, notice that the man who was healed first just says it was a man who gave him sight. But as the Pharisees question him further and further, he says he was a prophet, a man of God, and finally recognized him as his Lord. This is a process. That means the man, and none of us all in an instant have complete faith without a doubt in God and the things of God, but as we see instances of his miracles and love in our life we can come to know him personally. We met with a lady this week that has been away from the church for a while. A lot of darkness has encroached in her life, but we brought a ray of hope this week. As we sat and visited with her and spoke of God’s love for her personally, tears ran down her cheeks, and I could see what God sees in her and the love he truly does have for her. Life and Satan discourage us and dishearten us, but the Savior has overcome all, and he can help us overcome all as well. I know that to be true

Love, Sister Zurcher

Tea at Vicki's house!
Tea at Vicki’s house!
Me and William
Me and William
Little Jacob on my shoulders
Little Jacob on my shoulders





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