It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

So Sister Prawitt and I are in Leeds! We are staying with the Whipples, one of the senior office couples. That is our home base, and then we have the flexibility to go around the different areas of the mission to work with the other sisters in their areas. We don’t actually have an area. We are kind of area-less. But we have a car, and we are split between the Leeds 1 and Leeds 4 areas if we aren’t visiting sisters. Those are the two areas we spent the most time in in our missions.

We had a fireside last night based all around the truce that the Germans and English called at Christmas during WWI in the trenches. They weren’t really fighting each other, they were fighting on behalf of two differing political ideologies. They called a truce and went out in the field between the trenches and played a match of football. The missionaries of the Leeds stake were asked to sing a medley of some of the marching songs the British and Irish sang to keep up their spirits during the war. 

Tipperary is in Ireland. And so one of the songs we sang was:
It’s a long way to Tipperary,
It’s a long way to go.
Goodbye Picadilly,
Farewell Leicester Square!
It’s a long long way to Tipperary,
But my heart’s right there.

I haven’t been away at war, but I have been absent from friends, and family, and loved ones. Things that I loved to do, passions, hobbies, and the people of my life. I was willing to do this for the Lord. I have been in a very real spiritual war. That has become apparent to me on my mission. My heart has been here, but like this marching song, my heart’s been right at home with those I love as well. I will see you all in a week! Love you. Peace.

Love, Sister Zurcher



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  1. It’s been really special following along with your journey, watching your transformation and reading your inspiring messages. You may be leaving your mission, but your mission will never leave you. Be sure to let us know when your homecoming is! – Holly

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