Last P-day we spent with the Crawfords who have been planning this day for weeks! Sister Crawford made us english pancakes with lemon and sugar, and we had a Shrek marathon with the kids! Harriet, the one that is on my right, is going to be Caroline's pen pal.  She has a letter all written and ready to send. She was SO excited!
Last P-day we spent with the Crawfords who have been planning this day for weeks! Sister Crawford made us english pancakes with lemon and sugar and we had a Shrek marathon with the kids! Harriet, the one that is on my right, is going to be Caroline’s pen pal. She has a letter all written and ready to send. She was SO excited! 

This week has been crazy for us!

Setback #1: We were walking back from the chapel on Tuesday, back to our flat, when this border collie comes charging out, with it’s owner close behind. Sister Kuhn thought it was just going to try to run in the road or something, so she tried to corral it back. It dodges her, and comes up behind me and bites me on the inner thigh! Apparently it is a rescue dog and isn’t very good around people. It accidentally slipped out the door unaware to the owner until it was too late. So this lady is like really posh, and can’t apologize enough. She gives us a tour of her garden/house in return for the dog attack. She informs us that she is high Church of England, so chances are she never would have given us the time of day if her dog hadn’t mangled my leg. We went to the walk in center later that night because the zone leaders freaked out and told me I needed a tetanus booster (false) but they did give me antibiotics so I guess better safe than sorry.

Setback #2: On Saturday night we were headed out to the car to go and exercise at the chapel the last hour of our day. So we are in pretty grubby clothes…just remember that for later. When we had headed out the door of our flat, for some reason through miscommunication we both thought the other person had the keys. So we get out to the car and are both looking at the other person to magically pull the keys out. Then we realized our error. Apparently our locks on our door are the best in the business and you basically have to break the door down to get in. So we called the landlord, but he wasn’t going to be back in town until Sunday afternoon. Also did I mention we were supposed to teach Primary and relief society the next day? Anyway luckily the Crawfords came to our rescue and we stayed there for the night. It was probably the most unusual Sunday on our missions.

So we’ve had an interesting week…and I hear that bad things come in threes so I’ll probably have another story for you next week!

Love, Sister Z



DSC07116First of all I’m doing fine. I think I was the most homesick I’ve ever been in my life this weekend, thinking of home and wanting to be with my family during this special conference weekend, but I lived through it, and now it’s not so bad. I think I have this disorder of not being able to stand missing out on things…maybe it comes from being the youngest child, having a need to always be included. Knowing that I was missing out on the comfort of home this weekend was hard! One of the talks that I loved (can’t remember who it was at the moment) was focused on building our spiritual strength or becoming spiritually “in shape” to be able to withstand all the problems and hardships that we face in life. I feel like I am being allowed to focus on that here…even if I’m simultaneously becoming out of shape physically, ha.

So glad to hear about your conference weekend. It sounds like it was divine. It sounds like you really spoiled Toni and Victoria. Being converts, they were excited to travel from England to conference. I was told of Cafe Rio, Nordstrom’s bread pudding, and homemade apple pie! These things come to me in my dreams every night, ha ha. I’m so glad that they were able to stay at our house because I knew that you would treat them like gold. I’m so proud of my dear parents! I too admire both of these girls for the choices they have made in coming to know God and follow Him. Thanks for giving them the best SLC experience since I couldn’t do it!

We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning session at the chapel yesterday. When we were watching the live Sunday morning one, I was thinking of you at home the whole time wondering if you had made pancakes and bacon to accompany the inspired words. Knowing that it was morning there and night here made me feel l like I was living in a parallel universe. Did you notice the story from one of the seventies who has ancestors from Hull? I imagined Dad’s reaction, and it made me laugh. The talks in the Sunday morning session were so powerful, and the comfort of the spirit washed over me as I listened to them. Elder Holland’s talk was amazing as usual, and made me feel so powerfully that the Lord is aware of me personally. So I haven’t been able to watch the Sunday afternoon yet, but hopefully we will be able to in one of the member’s homes this coming week. We watched the Relief Society meeting in Sister Martin’s home, who lives really nearby us. She fed us a nice warm dinner and then we cozied up by the fire in her front room. She is also working on a project of collecting 8 inch knitted squares for a charity project in South Africa. She will send the squares in and then people there put the squares together to make blankets for orphans in Africa. So she put us to work while we watched. It was fun to be in a home, and it ALMOST felt like home 🙂

So I got the envelope that you sent by express. Thank you, thank you for everything in it! The new skirts have saved my life! Thanks especially for the ear bags! I am still trying to get over how weird they look, so I’m trying to create a trend in the mission so I don’t feel like a weirdo.

Thanks for your love this week. I truly have the best family in the world! I would never be where I am in life without each of the people in our family. Know that I love you each individually and uniquely.

Love always,
Sister Zurcher

P.S. As I told you, transfers are next week, on your birthday, and so P-day is on Tuesday, not Monday. Just want you to know so you don’t think the British weather killed me off already. Can you even stand the anticipation? I know I’m already nervous. Who’s it going to be? Me or Sister Lam? Stay tuned for next week!!


Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be a missionary if I didn’t issue you all a challenge to take the advice of the apostles and get more involved in missionary work! How many of the talks were focused on missionaries and members working together? A lot. One of them (maybe Elder Scott’s) talked about three things you can do to be involved.

1) Pray specifically for missionary opportunites and do everything you can to make those opportunities happen

2) Pray for the missionaries in your area and their investigators by NAME

3) Invite someone not in the church to an activity at church or in your home

Pray about these things in the coming weeks and let me know of your experiences! Like Elder Scott said, we need to eliminate the fear involved in sharing what we believe!